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Winter Snow

Morne Marais

Sound Engineer 


Family, Nature, Community, Music, Animals


Morné Marais is an eminent sound designer, with numerous nominations and awards under his belt.  He prides himself on his sharp ears and unique approach when it comes to re-recording mixing. Being a musician, Morné has learnt how to blend his music creativity skills into his audio post-production workflow known to deliver rich and powerful mixes.

Morné’s go-to phrase is “I don’t mix sound - I create impressions”, which proves that he doesn’t only focus on the technical aspects of sound, but also on the viewer’s desired feeling they should get from watching a film. It all comes down to being a people person who listens and communicates well with the director on what they want to achieve for each project. He’s a hard worker and nothing is impossible for him because problem-solving is in his blood.

Morné started his audio post-production journey in 2004, and recently received the award for Best Sound Design at My RØDE Reel, the world's largest short film competition. He was also nominated for Best Sound Design at The South African Film and Television Awards (SAFTAs), sometimes referred to as the Golden Horns. Prior to these achievements he also took home the Best Original Sound Award at the MNET Edit Awards, where he was nominated for Best Sound Design at the Multichoice DSTV Awards, Best Sound Editing and Best Final Mix at the Independent Mzansi Short Film Festival and Best Sound Design at the 48 Hour Film Festival just to name a few...

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