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Amour Setter

Founder & Executive Producer


Sustainability, Nature, Animals, Community, Mental Wellness


Award-winning filmmaker and Sustainability Advocate Amour Setter began her film career in 1993 when she worked alongside the likes of Bruce Beresford (Driving Miss Daisy) in the earlier part of her career. For many years she produced commercials and worked with film crews from around the world. For 14 years she operated an international film academy where she mentored many budding filmmaking students and had an enormous impact on their careers.


Later she joined Los Angeles-based film production company, Production Inc (co-producers of Quintin Tarantino's "Hostel" & "A League of Extraordinary Gentlemen") as Executive Producer (short-form division).

She became intricately involved with sustainability when she co-founded The Planet Calls in Ireland in 2019, a non-profit foundation advocacy platform for sustainability and circular economy. For the past 3 years, she has produced numerous social and environmental videos and campaigns and launched significant community non-profit projects through the foundation. She also put her talents and skills to use in delivering value to The Lifesaver Project - an EU-funded research project where she currently serves as Creative Director on the project through The Planet Calls CLG.

For a number of years, she was involved with tech startup investment in Europe, where she introduced investors to promising startups while mentoring young founders.

Her personal philosophy, PLANET OVER PROFIT is the driving force behind everything she does in her personal life as well as in business. She continues to campaign tirelessly for a more sustainable planet through the community non-profit projects she founded and launched. 

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