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Earth Mother Films is a sustainable film production company with a passion for telling stories that matter. We specialise in helping brands tell their unique and engaging stories while conveying their sustainability messages.

In this day and age, every brand needs consistent and high-quality video & film content to drive brand awareness, advertise your products or services, help your website rank higher on search engines, and ultimately improve your sales.

Swimming in Natural Hot Spring


The Covid pandemic presented an opportunity for us all to take a closer look at the way we treat the environment and one another. As a result, many brands have ramped up their efforts to create more sustainable products & services.  We decided to join forces and help brands that are actively making a difference in supporting the environment and communities. Earth is running out of resources, a global food crisis is upon us and we can no longer continue to create and waste. Our oceans are becoming toxic and our coral reefs are dying. Our younger generation is demanding that we take better care of the Earth.


We are on a mission to help brands tell their unique stories while at the same time helping communities through our non-profit projects. We believe it is time that all brands start paying attention to their carbon footprints, and we can help produce films that convey their efforts in this regard.


Our vision is to become the go-to film production company for sustainable brands who want to make a difference in the environment and communities worldwide.

Waterfall in nature
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